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Alumni Officers

Chairman of the Board

Kenneth Eric Growney ’82


Howard Benjamin Schaffer ’90

Vice President

Reed Newman ’16


Patrick G. Kavanagh ’07

Recording Secretary

Philip C Ballard


Philip C. Ballard ’00
Christopher Boak ’80
Randall W Bus ’68
A John Golder ’83
Kenneth E. Growney ’82
Francesco Jimenez ’15
Patrick G. Kavanagh ’07
Rudy Koch ’00
Jim McCormick ’69
Reed Henry Newman ’16
David Olusaga ’13
Thomas M. Rothfels ’77
Richard Seestedt ’86
Howard B. Schaffer ’90
Joseph Tucceri Jr. ’00
Gregory A Williamson ’82

Directors Emeriti

George M. Kennedy ’52
John S. Dyson ’65

Cornell Star and Crescent Foundation

Colin H. Williams ’92

Undergraduate Officers


Erick Zepeda’27

Vice President

Santiago Gomez Alarcon’26

Risk Manager

Daniel Abbo’26


Zac Kimmelman’27


Evan Draga’27


John Smith’27

Literary Chair

Joseph Talmaciu ’26

Alumni Relations

Spencer Rosenberg ’26

Director of Facilities

Daniel Queen’26

Social Chair 1

Nathaniel Whittington ’27

Social Chair 2

Tyler Gray ’27

Social Chair 3

storm smith ’27

Social Advisor

Damian Stellings’26

Rush Chair 1

Ryan Hale’27

Rush Chair 2

Stav Agajan’27

Rush Chair 3

Jacob Liberman’27

Rush Advisor

Jordan Ibe ’26


Alexander Altirs ’27


Jean Surprenant Lucsurprenant ’27

IFC Relations

Julian Willoughby’25

Social Accountability

Julio Leanez’25

Diversity & Inclusion

Mauricio Fuhrman’25