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Scholarships are named for Clarence Armstrong Seward, Geneva 1848. Brother Seward enjoyed an esteemed career as an attorney in New York City, representing railroad and industrial interests. In 1897, during his tenure as president of Alpha Delta Phi International, the Seward Scholarship Fund was established to honor the contributions made by Brother Seward during his many years of service to his fraternity. To this day, the fund grants scholarships to undergraduates on the basis of financial need, achievement in Alpha Delta Phi, and activities on campus. The fund is administered by a committee appointed by the International Board of Governors. (Brother Seward is often inaccurately interchanged with his uncle, William Henry Seward, who is best known for his role in the United States' purchase of the territory of Alaska, "Seward's Folly," when he was U.S. Secretary of State during the administration of President Abraham Lincoln.)

The Samuel Eells Literary and Educational Foundation's Seward Scholarships are awarded annually on a competitive basis to undergraduate college students at select schools on the basis of academic achievement and their contribution to the SELEF community.

The application deadline for the 2013-2014 scholarship is June 18, 2014. As of this morning, we've received only one application. Make sure you take advantage of this opportunity!

Download the 2013-2014 Application

Scholarships are awarded only to full-time students and must be used to meet direct educational expenses such as room, board, tuition, and books. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis. For more information, please visit the Seward Scholarship Program Facebook Page at or contact Craig Cheslog, Bowdoin 1993, at


The 2015 SELEF Literary Competition is open to all undergraduate college students associated with SELEF at select schools. All entries must be received by Monday, June 8, 2015. Read More.


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Brothers who win literary awards from the International are eligible to have their financial awards matched by the Adelphic Cornell Educational Fund (ACEF).
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